Jazz Roots

Ask anybody, even Animal Control Experts, Jazz pros or Jazz musicians and they’ll have different definitions to describe the music, or they will tell you that defining Jazz is impossible. It is of course simple to spot when you hear it regardless of the diversity of the genre. It’s a home grown, United States born music using its birthplace credited to New Orleans and it is highly related to the South.

The term “Jazz” is as difficult to define as the music itself. The origin of this word was heavily researched and the American Dialect Society named it the “Word of the Twentieth Century” due to the difficulty in discovering the origin and initial use of the word and the amount of research which has gone into understanding the term. Regardless of the music being played several years prior to using the word “azz” to explain it, the usage became common in Chicago around 1915. The first use of the word found is really in a baseball post from 1913 and it wasn’t correlated with anything having to do with music, rather it was a type of slang mostly heard about the West Coast, yet it soon became a recognized term for the distinctive and individualistic songs to become well called Jazz music. Wherever the origin, it’s among the most recognized terms to describe a music genre despite there being few that may define it fully. The music only defines itself without words being able to fully do it justice.

The Jazz artist is often thought to be interpreting the music whenever they perform. It’s normally enjoyed live more than listed as a result of the ability of the musician to independently interpret and play with the music otherwise throughout performances. This is a special property of Jazz music.

What has been commonly called the “Jazz Age” is the period of time of the 20’s to early 30’s that contained the growth of speakeasies” in which an older generation considered the new music played in those clubs as immoral. It had been so degraded by many who were jeopardized by the new wave of music, they blamed Jazz as having caused a heart attack of a single music composer. The music persevered beyond its critics and there were standout Jazz musicians which were creating a name for themselves which could keep them as historical figures.

Jazz has been described as “moving, passionate, and powerful music influencing the sensations of the soul and body”. For the ones that find a love for their own brand of Jazz, it will become a desired music for times of relaxation, rejuvenation, and party. For the ones that have yet to fully discover all that Jazz Music offers, seeing a live Jazz concert, or a Jazz festival could be a really enlightening and enjoyable experience. Because of the prevalence of Jazz and its American origins, there are a number of opportunities for someone to experience the music live in clubs, concerts and events across america.

It unofficially kicks off the Summer time for the ones that are knowledgeable about the event. It takes place this year from June 1 through June 13 and will include more than 100 performances at over 45 venues throughout the city. It’s the greatest music festival in the country’s Capital. The festival offers a vast array of Jazz music types and top musicians from all around the planet. There’s not a better place to find a real lesson from Jazz Music.


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